Financial Aid Process

COLLEGE OR ENGLISHiStock_000015445716Small copyHow do you pay for Boarding School, College or University, if you or your family cannot afford it? Financial Aid (also called Financial Award), which is provided by educational institution BASED ON YOUR PARTICULAR NEED can cover some or even all the expenses.

We can help you with the process and the Application for Financial Aid.

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The process for Financial Aid starts with separate application on FFFNAIS (Secondary education) or FAFSA web sites and is directly connected with the educational institutions of your choice.

Please, note, that you do have to identify on your Application for admission that you are applying for Financial Aid. The decision to give you the aid lies directly with the educational institution.

You have to be QUALIFIED for admission first based on your merit (grades, test scores, recommendations, extracurricular activities and only if the admission’s department decides to accept you, then they might offer you the Financial Aid Award. Both decisions (Admission and Financial Aid Award) usually come together.

If you think that the Financial Aid package is lees than what you need, you can APPEAL the decision with the educational institution of your choice.

To qualify for many types of aid, you’ll need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application gives you access to these types of aid:

  •  Grants and scholarships: money you don’t have to pay back
  • Work-study jobs: paid, part-time work that’s generally on campus
  • Loans: money you need to pay back, usually after you graduate

The FAFSA qualifies you for federal aid, but many state governments and colleges also use this application to award their own aid.

  •  Financial aid at the colleges you are applying to
  • Private scholarships you are eligible for

Additionally, you can research those merit scholarships from different organizations, educational institutions that are based on certain academic or geographical, etc. criteria.

We recommend starting your research or contacting us to assist you with the Financial Aid options at least one year in advance to the Application process, or two years before entering the educational institution.