Boarding Schools

УченицыWe understand the importance of the education for the children, this is why we help our families to select you the USA boarding school: top independent, prep schools, private, public, Catholic, Therapeutic, Special Education, Military, Co-educational, All boys or All girls, athletic/spots, IB, AP (also consult on day options) and help you through the process.

  • We will carefully and knowledgably advise you on the school selection and will conduct USA residential/boarding schools comprehensive application process and enrolment for domestic and international students.
  • During the application process we will advise you on and keep all the deadlines (including submitting recommendations, SSAT testing, English Proficiency Testing, providing Transcripts, etc.), accepting/declining the offer (waitlist process) and enrolment.
  • We will assist you with understanding not just the process, but also the costs of education and what is included. Assisting with accessing and understanding School Account, required forms and Billing System.
  • We will provide academic counseling on High School Career: applying, testing, making credit (subject) selection, collecting out of country credits and recording them in the Student’s Educational Profile.
  • We will coordinate the transition from your currents school to the new one, including advising on the course/credit selection for the upcoming school year, Code of Conduct, purchasing books, dorm supplies, sporting equipment, etc.
  • We will assist the student and the family at their request on the transition period in settling into the school routine and will communicate with the school during the school year on the student’s progress.

Different types of boarding schools

College Preparatory Boarding Schools

College preparatory boarding schools have rigorous academic curriculum, array of extra-curricular activities and sports to prepare the students for the postsecondary education. Those schools are divided by age/grade:

  • Junior boarding schools Grade 5 to grade 8 or 9
  • Boarding High schools: Grade 9 to Grade 12, some include Grade 13 or Post-Graduate Year

Within both junior and high-school college-preparatory boarding schools, there are additional distinctions between schools:

  • All-boys or all-girls boarding schools – while fewer in number, there are a number of single-sex boarding schools in the USA.
  • Military schools – these boarding schools also prepare students for college-life, with the addition of military-type discipline and structure.
  • Pre-professional arts schools – these schools specialize in helping students train and become artists in a variety of fields such as music, visual arts, theatre, ballet, and creative writing. Students are prepared for entrance into either traditional colleges or specialty schools like music conservatories (e.g., Juilliard).
  • Religious boarding schools – these schools have an emphasis on a particular religion and spiritual growth.
  • Additional IB or AP curriculum

Some of the schools provide assistance for kids with learning disabilities.

While the top college-preparatory schools require good command of English, as they do not offer ESL based classes or curriculum for non-English speakers, there are some schools that do offer ESL supplementary program.*

* Please, note that all school require TOEFL test for students who attend non-English speaking school.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are for the students who are having difficulty in a traditional school setting. These schools are geared toward students who are facing behavioral or emotional problems, substance abuse, or significant learning differences. Such students are sometimes referred to as “troubled-teens” or “struggling teens”. Therapeutic Boarding Schools offer High School Curriculum in a setting, that helps the students to learn and develop in a supportive setting.

We can help you to choose the right boarding school.

Please, note that boarding school has to be SEVP-certified school, so the student is able to get Student Visa (F-1) and study in USA as a SEVIS student.